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My Story...

Growing up my imagination was vast and full of life.

The world that I visited in my daydreams were sometimes even more real than the physical world I lived in. 

It was vibrant, colorful and full of amazing landscapes, buildings and creatures.


I napped with squirrels in our hammock and I played with the fairies in the garden.

The world was my oyster.

When I was 6 years old we moved to a bigger town and there were a lot more people around.

The energies were a bit overwhelming and others

thoughts, feelings and emotions very loud in my universe. 

With all the new information that I was

tapping into from everything around me

I was very busy doing all I could for everyone

to have  joy and ease in their lives.




After having my immune system knocked on its head by antibiotics in my early twenties I started developing allergies and sensitivities to foods and chemicals - like washing detergents

and body lotions. 

Sometime just walking into the kitchen when someone was cutting a tomato was enough for my lips to blister up. 


None of it made sense to me.

In my mid twenties I was told that I have Celiac Disease – an auto immune disease  - where removing the intake of gluten is pretty much

the only traditional medicine.

Fun and games...


My first trip to the grocery store after the diagnose I totally broke down in the bread sections – sobbing - and cradling a giant watermelon. 

I quickly realised that finding a different way

to heal and to communicate with my body

would be required, if I wanted to create a

different life and future for myself.


...and so the amazing adventure to

greater consciousness began...

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